The Webster Dictionary definition of “Super” is “greater than others of the same kind” and when “Super” is used in “Super Bowl” it means it’s the greatest game going that day!

Actually it’s been the biggest game of the year for the forty one years; this years Super Bowl is number forty two.

Of course it wasn’t always as big as it is today, the first game in 1967 between the Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers had about 60 million viewers, this year the game will be viewed by over 150 million world wide. The winning players in the first game got a $15,000 bonus; this year winning players will receive approximately a $73,000 bonus. The first commercials in 1967 cost between $75-85,000, this year its $2.6 million per thirty second commercial. The food industry also has a “Super” day on Super Bowl Sunday with the increase in sales of Tortilla Chips up by 10.2 million, Pizza up 7.3 mil, Poultry up 5.4 mil, Salsa up 5.3 mil and beer up 17.9 million. Throw in 8 million pounds of Guacamole and you’ve got heck of a party!

The name “Super Bowl” was coined by the late Lamar Hunt owner of the Kansas City Chiefs and co-founder of the then new American Football League which later merged with the National Food League. His team the Chiefs, were set to play the championship game with the Green Bay Packers and while he was helping his daughter clean up some of her toys he came across a “Super Ball” and decided that “Super Bowl” would make a great name and it’s been that ever since.

I love the hype and excitement that surrounds the Super Bowl and the weeks leading up to it. This is one sporting event that seems to get everyone’s attention, even non-football fans. Some of the parties are legendary and in some commercials this year they show women at a Super Bowl party running through the house like football players entering the playing field. If you’re really serious about a party you can go online and order party supplies with a click of the wrist and if you want to go to the game and stay in style you can rent a house in Arizona near the stadium and they will throw in the use of a Mercedes 500SL!

I’ve had some great Super Bowl experiences including one game when I was flying to Hawaii and a long haired and outspoken Joe Namath led the New York Jets; a wild living bunch, to victory over the conservative Baltimore Colts in a major upset. When they announced the final score one side of the plane, the free spirited side, cheered loudly while the more reserved side of the plane glared in disgust! Another adventure was the 1980 game between the LA Rams and Pittsburg Steelers. I was leaving Missoula Montana bound for Seattle and was on the plane when a blizzard hit grounding the plane and we were shuttled back to the hotel to wait the storm out and I managed to catch the last half of the game in the warmth of a friendly Red Lion Inn lounge!

Those are but a couple great memories and hopefully there will be many more. This year the party agenda looks promising and I hope all of you can find some pleasure and enjoyment on a day that allows us to get together to have a little fun!

An additional note; in many towns and cities, churches and other organizations have “Super Sundays” and gather food and other non-perishable items to give to those who truly need them. If you have one near you, please take part!!
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