The sounds and sights of Spring. This is the one time of year that you can actually see the changes of the seasons. Winter, fall, and summer just kind of sneak up on you, but Spring lets you know it’s here. The first hint of Spring are the birds singing. It’s a beautiful symphony of sounds. It’s amazing how sometimes the loudest singing comes from the smallest birds. What they lack in size is made up for in song.

Next sign of Spring are the flowers beginning to blossom. Suddenly drab and dull landscape becomes a colorful cascade of new growth.

It’s if the earth has awaken from it’s Winter hibernation.

Depending on where you live Spring also is the sound of the cry “play ball”. The sound of the bat meeting the ball and the smell of freshly cut grass. If you have ever been to a major league ball game just entering the stadium and seeing the brilliant green outfield and manicured infield is mind blowing.

Indeed Spring is the synonymous with re-birth of nature and our awareness of a new year, one full of promise and great things ahead!

Take a few minutes to enjoy the bounty and beauty that nature has presented to us and appreciate the changing of the seasons! Now all we need is more Spring showers to catch us up on the much needed rain!

Rick Schultze

A few years ago at a writers conference held in the central Oregon coast town of Yachats, where I live, I listened to the late Ken Kesey, a frequent visitor to the area, tell a writer that this could be a hard place to write. “If you think you can sit there staring at the ocean for inspiration you’re wrong, it’s not out there, it’s in your head!”He was right; it is beautiful here in Lincoln County, the kind of beauty that makes concentrating on anything else tough and since hearing that insight, I’ve written at a desk facing a wall, no windows opening onto a ocean view, although I have one, but it’s worked.I’ve done, and do, different kinds of writing. As a freelance writer I’ve been a observational columnist, a humor columnist, a book and music reviewer for newspapers, magazines, and online.However, as a creative writer, my heart belongs to fiction. In that genre I do short stories, road adventure stories, musical adventure tales, and in current production, are three small novels.So really the purpose of this web site is to give you a glance of some of the things I’ve done, a preview of what’s coming, and hopefully, a view of what it’s like to be a writer living in a small town on the Oregon coast!