Once we signed with Jackson and Coker management our world changed. From the garage to this was mind blowing for our band. I guess we’d been living in a daze; playing and getting by, and surviving. Now suddenly we were being told what to do, where to go, and what was next. Like I’ve said before until now we really didn’t have a plan, now we were the main part of a big plan!

The changes began with our finishing up our job at Duffys and moving to Seattle where we were booked into the studio at Kaye West recording studio. We rented a house and began our stay. It was weird not playing a bar every night and even weirder having money. Of course JC Management was paying for everything, but it was to be deducted from our royalties once we started selling records That was if we ever started selling records, the big IF!

But the changes were great. We had a cool house, time to hang out a bit and lots of time to work on our music. We took advantage of it and it was paying off in the studio. Kaye West was a fantastic studio with the latest in recording equipment so it was great to go there and let the music rip. JC Management had provided us with a professional road manager, Mike Gosling, whose main job was to take care of our logistics such as getting to studio and back and to make sure we were taking care of the business JC Management wanted us to do.

We did as we were told to do and over the course of two months we had gone from a average bar band to a band that was proficient at recording and living a somewhat normal life in the very volatile life style of a rock and roll band full of young wild guys!

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