JC Management took the recording we’d done at Kaye West studio and turned it into a album. That was just a small part of the process JC Management started. We had to pose for photo shoots for the album, do bios on each member and do a few interviews with rock radio stations. We were now full time residents of Seattle waiting for the next chapter of this rock & roll fantasy.

The next move was getting onto a tour which happened when JC got us onto the EasySlips, a rock act, West Coast tour as the opening act. We could not have done this on our own. Those spots just don’t appear. JC had secured it with the help of some money they put up via radio support for the shows and mentioning our name in the add spots. Of course JC was charging some of this against our future royalties so it was a gamble if they were ever going to get their investment back.

Next for us was getting a used tour bus to get us from show to show and the promotion of Mike Gosling to a full time road manager and the hiring of Tommy Smith as our bus driver. We were ready to hit the road and boy did we! The tour started n Vancouver B.C. then on to Seattle , Portland, Eugene, Medford, Redding, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Bakersfield, and ending up in Los Angeles for several shows.

It was a different world moving after each show, only playing for about 45 minutes a night as opposed to 4 hours per night in bars, setting up in big halls, not small clubs and being an opening act, not the only band playing. Everything was different but we loved it and everyday was a new and exciting adventure!

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