Molly Browns was the name of the club we were booked to play in Bozeman, Montana. Another great club in a college town, Bozeman is the home of Montana State and it rocks! After our first set we could feel it, it was going to be a good job!

As a relativity new road band our time was an intense time of 24 hours a day of being in a working band. Great “on the job” training and we’d learned how to play the musical game. As a visual band we looked the part, and as a musical band we boogied and played all the top 40 hits and some originals. But most importantly we were a likable bunch and got along with club owners, their staff, and the people who came to the clubs. We had become marketable.

As we had started working with GMA the club owners began to talk among themselves and had all agreed we were ok to book into their rooms. The cost of the band was often the biggest expense the club had so it was important that the band paid for themselves via the cover charge at the door and the drinks the crowd was drinking.

You can see why it was important to keep the dance floor crowded and the drinks flowing. So with that in mind we spent most of our non-working time learning new songs, polishing our regular songs and learning some originals, which we played in between the hits of the day, and how to keep our stage presence fresh.

We dug into Bozeman and rocked the Molly Brown and waited for the next chapter of Rock & Roll life on then road. We were excited to see what came next!

Next story is: Molly Brown Tavern.

Rick Schultze

A few years ago at a writers conference held in the central Oregon coast town of Yachats, where I live, I listened to the late Ken Kesey, a frequent visitor to the area, tell a writer that this could be a hard place to write. “If you think you can sit there staring at the ocean for inspiration you’re wrong, it’s not out there, it’s in your head!”He was right; it is beautiful here in Lincoln County, the kind of beauty that makes concentrating on anything else tough and since hearing that insight, I’ve written at a desk facing a wall, no windows opening onto a ocean view, although I have one, but it’s worked.I’ve done, and do, different kinds of writing. As a freelance writer I’ve been a observational columnist, a humor columnist, a book and music reviewer for newspapers, magazines, and online.However, as a creative writer, my heart belongs to fiction. In that genre I do short stories, road adventure stories, musical adventure tales, and in current production, are three small novels.So really the purpose of this web site is to give you a glance of some of the things I’ve done, a preview of what’s coming, and hopefully, a view of what it’s like to be a writer living in a small town on the Oregon coast!