Since I live in a small town with a population of 750 or so when I traverse to Portland Oregon which I do often it is a major culture shock! Starting on a small two lane highway leading into the valley things change rapidly into a major freeway jammed with more cars and trucks than I will see in a month in Yachats! From a casual drive it rapidly changes into a wild scramble of folks hell bent on being somewhere fast!

I totally feel like a total country hick as I watch all the action around me and the sudden explosion of houses, shopping centers, office buildings and in essence more stuff that I ever see on a normal day! So I go with the flow and with wide-eyed amazement I just stare and marvel at how so many people can exist in such a crowded environment. Then I realize that they are as used to their situations as I am mine. So when the time comes to leave the big city and head back to little Yachats I put my foot on the gas peddle and say farewell to Portland which is actually my home town!

I’ll be going back again soon and actually look forward to the switch from sleepy rural to crazy city life! So until then I’ll enjoy the quiet and listen to the sound of the ocean instead of horns and sirens of the city!