The Changing Faces of Yachats

In a village like Yachats there are always changes but when it comes to building new buildings those changes tend to be toward remodeling or renovating existing buildings. Since downtown Yachats is a rather small portion of the whole village there isn’t really a lot of room for new buildings to be erected. So, many of the existing structures in Yachats have served a variety occupants. The Yachats Commons for example used to be the local school. Now it is the home of city hall and is used by many for events such as the Arts and Crafts fairs, the home of dramatic, comedic, and musical events. It also houses the Yachts Youth and Family Activities Programs and a pavilion in back that is also used for community picnics, a kitchen for the annual Lions Fish Fry, and a shelter adjacent to the play area for those who enjoy the playground. The Commons has evolved with time and keep up with the needs of the Village.

Another building that has changed with time is the Historic Drift Inn & Pub. The now popular spot was at one time a store with meat lockers where hunters would bring their bounty. Later it became the legendary Lester’s Tavern or Lester’s as the regulars called it. A few years ago the building was completely renovated and is now a beautiful and welcoming building. It’s a far cry from what it was originally and like they say “if these walls could talk” there would be some fantastic tales. Another building that was completely renovated and remodeled is Ona Restaurants. This building used to be Red’s Annex back in the fifties then it became The Crab and Chowder house then the River House. There have been several different operators and owners but it remains a Yachats favorite.

The Yachats Underground Pub and Grub was at one time the Pie and Kite Shop then The Yankee Clipper. With each change the building took on a new life and personality. Luna Seafood restaurant and fish market at one time was a Mexican restaurant and Toppers in the same complex actually was the site of a gas station in the forties.

Of course the now shuttered Landmark Restaurant and Lounge was originally Beulah’s and known for its famous Chicken and Dumplings and Tomato Preserves. Beulah herself was quite a Yachats character of days gone by.

Another building that has changed a few times is where Prudential Real Estate recently was located. At one time that building was the Bank of The West and was actually robbed! Of course the robber was apprehended since there are only a couple of ways to get out of Yachats, go North or go South on Highway 101.

The building on the corner of Highway 101 and Third Street was once the post office, then Toad Hall, then Florence’s By Sea, and it was a wine shop for awhile. Then it was a gift shop and the home of Mr. Bills and a toy store. Now it’s Sunshine Salon.

However as Yachats continues to change here and there some things remain the same like The Adobe, The Dublin House, The Silver Surf, The Ya’tel and Yachats Village Inn. Of course all of those establishments have undergone renovations and improvements but continue to be the same familiar landmarks to those who visit Yachats and for those who live in Yachats.

Yachats may be small and often called a village but one can hardly say it’s a sleep little village for in Yachats change is a constant!