The Changing Faces of Yachats Part Two

In the first Changing Faces of Yachats column, I mentioned many buildings and establishments that have changed over time. Since then I’ve received many responses from Yachatians about other places and people I didn’t mention. So hopefully this will add a bit more to the Changing Faces of Yachats. I’d like to thank Vicky Prince, Su Carey, Wyatt Feichtner, and Jim King in Yachats for sharing their memories of days gone by as well as others I’ve heard from at the post office, grocery store and Yachats Commons.

Of course being a small village change is always noticed and these folks have seen many, some from their childhoods, some from the time they moved here, and some from folks that have visited Yachats over the years. One of the Yachatians who expressed her memories is Vicky Prince the proprietor of Ya-hots Video, formerly known as “In Sheep’s Clothing Video”. In fact her shop was moved from it’s present location across Hwy 101 to what is now Mari’s Bookstore and back again next to Shirley’s Gift Shop prior to Prince taking it over from Michele Wheatland and changing the name and inventory. Prince’s memory goes back to the days when a Dairy Queen, then Leroy’s Blue Whale, then The Coffee Merchant, and finally The Oak Barrel Gift Shop occupied the building what is now the popular Green Salmon. Here’s Vicky “Well – there was a bait shop where the post office is now. Shirley’s and Bert’s “Bait & Tackle” and a clothing store were where Judith’s, Mari’s and Turtle Island are now and On the Rise Bakery where Planet Yachats is now…and Dave’s Deli and Town Center Cafe were in the space where the Chamber is now…and the barracks, roller rink, D&D grocery were where the Lion’s thrift shop is now. lol – getting me thinking about it may not have been the best idea. I keep thinking of more”.

Here is Wyatt Feichtner who recently became proprietor of the Yachats Mercantile taking over from Ned and Nancy Hargas who purchased the Mercantile in 1987, opened it in 1988 and ran it until Wyatt stepped in. “My name is Wyatt Feichtner. I was born in the Lincoln city hospital in ’78, but my home town was Yachats. I just became proprietor of the mercantile so I think that fits into the changing faces.

I remember renting movies at the Laundromat next door when I was a kid.” Another Yachatian Jim King has this to say “Toppers was a gas station up through the 80’s… I actually pumped gas there for a summer. And the Ona building was also a hotel and burnt and was rebuilt then as Red’s Annex- I think. This place has changed much since I was 5 years old!!! Oh well, so have I!”

As well as the physical changes that have and continue to happen in Yachats there have been some other changes that have happened like the time when up on the hill south of Yachats there was a old Civilian Conservation Corps horse stable made of concrete and a small trailer house that became home to a short lived Commune. Eventually the Commune collapsed due to lack of interest but when the originators of the Commune abandoned it they left a Yack which wandered down to the Yachats Inn and three horses that were rescued the Sheriffs Department. The three originators were eventually apprehended in Yreka Calif and given citations and are no longer allowed to own animals in the State of Oregon. Su Carey of Yachats added this “There was a bowling alley turned grocery store when we moved here, behind the now wine shop. Our best friends lived in the wine shop complex and had 2 children there. I also always thought there should be a cottage photo history, but it’s almost too late for that now since they are almost all remodeled.” She also has a good memory about one of Yachats more famous residents who for sometime was the Produce Man at Clarks Market. “I remember Brian Hyland. Hi real name was Francis Hyland! He was a 1960’s music icon, and our very own produce man in 1980-1985ish. Itsy bitsy Poka dot bikini was his big hit. I just looked him up, he is back in the swing of things, on U-tube, looking good. He lived on Ocean Drive with his girlfriend, at her families’ beach house. He said it was an escape from California for a while, a time to re-group”.

As you can see, like everywhere else Yachats continues to change and evolve and there are fond memories and some not so fond but if it seems like nothing is going on in little Yachats, think again!!