It’s Parade Season

Here on the Central Oregon Coast the months of May,June and July all feature parades that celebrate the city, town or village that is hosting them. Some of them like the Rhody Days parade in Florence have been going on for over a century. Another one, Beachcomber’s Days, in Waldport started in 1957 and the La De Da Parade in Yachats is relatively new, it’s in it fifteenth year, but they are all unique events and part of what makes Spring and Summer a fun time for local residents and visitors as well. Like they say “everyone loves a parade”.

I grew up in Portland and was captivated by the Rose Festival Parade from the first time I remember seeing it and ever since then I’ve enjoyed parades and very much appreciate the time and effort parade organizers put into them. I’ve been to many Rhody Days parades and am always impressed at the way Florence supports it. I’ve also been to many Beachcombers Days parades and in fact was in that one twice when working for the Waldport newspaper. It was fun, and that parade is also well supported!

However, one parade that is completely different and really a lot of fun is the La De Da parade in Yachats. Just the name alone implies the attitude of the parade! La De Da, oh well!! So with that sort of mentality the good citizens of Yachats put their collective heads together and come up with some very original floats, entrants, and celebrities to walk, dance and prance the route from the Yachats Commons to the Yachats Post Office.

A rather short route that winds along the ocean road which is lines with spectators eager to see the synchronized umbrella team, the troupe of belly dancers, the fire trucks and ocean rescue teams, the kids from the Yachats Youth and Family Activities marching. And there are other unique entrants in this small but colorful parade that literately fills the village up with residents and visitors.

The celebrities are usually the Mayor and City Council members riding on a vintage manure spreader pulled by a sturdy tractor. This always is a big crowd pleaser and again points out that this parade is far from serious! It’s a great example of tongue in cheek parade humor and to add to the frivolity and excitement of the parade, is that parade day is on the 4th of July and the outstanding Yachats fireworks show over the bay and ocean follows the parade at dusk!

So after you’ve seen the Rhody Days and Beachcombers Days parades come to Yachats and enjoy a day of pure La De Da!!