The Change

In an earlier column I wrote about how living in Yachats during the summer is like being in a marathon. The season starts slow then moves along at a brisk pace with lots of visitors in the area and lots of people passing through town.

There is action in the air and the energy is apparent. Sounds of activity at night, people frolicking on the beach, crowds in the restaurants and pubs and lines at the grocery store. Then magically after Labor Day “The Change” occurs. For those of us who live in Yachats it’s a given that Labor Day is the end of the summer vacation season.

However for newcomers to the area the sudden quiet and lack of people can seem odd and perhaps a bit disconcerting. Instead of hearing traffic on the highway the sound of the ocean becomes the noise of the night. You can find a table at a restaurant with ease and shopping is a breeze.

Perhaps it’s my imagination but things suddenly slow down. It’s as if someone shifted gears and we’re all moving a bit slower. On the other hand after Labor Day the number of large RV’s migrating towards the south increases but that is usually during daylight hours. When the kids go back to school the older folks come out to play!

Occasionally we are doubly lucky after Labor Day because the weather stays nice. We had a small storm but since Labor Day it’s been great to be outside in the evening enjoying the scenery and quiet calm. The weekends still have a plethora of activities for locals and visitors alike like the Sunday Farmers Market at the Yachats Commons and this year there have been a lot of folks from the valley visiting and enjoying things.

In reality the time right after Labor Day is a wonderful time to take a vacation in Yachats. The crowds are gone, the weather is Indian Summer like and you never have to experience the hustle of summer visitors who are in a hurry to enjoy their time off and sometimes move at the speed of light and act like they are in the center of an urban city with a lots of hustle and bustle.

Now I’m suggesting the “The Change” is taking place in Yachats and I’d also suggest if you like the serenity and beauty of the what they call the Gem of the Oregon Coast now is a great time to come visit Yachats!!

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